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To Stop Emotional Eating

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Whether you call it Stress Eating, Comfort Eating, Mindless Eating, Overeating, Screw-it Eating, Binge Eating, or Emotional Eating...

You're about to get some EASY wins!

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About Audra

Hey Love! I'm a triple Certified Trauma Informed Master Weight Loss Coach, Nutrition Educator, Yoga teacher and Breathworker (with degrees/credentials in kinesiology + nutrition).

I specialize in Eating Psychology, Ending Emotional Eating, and coming into a "happy life + happy weight" sustainably so you stay there for good.

I’m the founder of Hello Body Freedom... A program that helps women change their relationship with food and their body, heal the deeper reasons they reach for food when they're not hungry, and lose weight in a trauma informed way without dieting or restrictions.

Audra Baker: Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist

Trauma-Informed Master

Weight Loss Coach

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